11 May 2016

An ultimate weekend in my company

As you may or may not be aware I provide a completely bespoke independent escort service throughout some of the Europe's leading cities. I do this as my career, for one reason alone, because that is what I enjoy doing. I love nothing more than meeting up with a like minded, respectful gentlemen in the vibrant atmosphere of a capital city, before delving into the unknown and establishing an intimate connection with each other. For my services, I have found that a weekend booking is the perfect time period to fully experience my services. So here's some a few helpful resources that may convince you to spend some time with me.

London is perhaps the world's leading city, on a many number of different factors. I have travelled all over the world and there really is no place quite like London. Its a city steeped in culture and massive global significance. You could spend your entire life here and still not experience all that it has to offer. I am still discovering new and exciting places each time I visit and invite you to join me in the uncovering of this fantastic city. here is a list of some of the best things to do on a weekend in London.

Paris is often known as the worlds most romantic city, and for good reason. Paris has some truly stunning architecture, along with some truly hugely important monuments and buildings. If you enjoy culture you will find many excellent museums and exhibitions that will tell the story of the city throughout its history. Not to mention is unqestionably the cultinary capital of the world. Here is some of best ways to ensure an unforgettable weekend in Paris.

Finally my base city is the stunning Swiss city of Geneva. I often consider this a city of two personalites. There is definitely exterior face, that is often associated with diplomacy and business, and this is certainly the case. However scratch beneath the service and you will find a treasure trove and exciting things to discover. Geneva has some of the best nightlife in Europe which will almost certainly take a whole weekend in Geneva to discover.


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