06 April 2016

Favourite Date Ideas in Paris

,I am always getting asked ideas of things to do when people are in my company, as being based in some of the world's most vibrant and exciting cities, there is so much to enjoy and explore. I am currently based in Paris, which is one of my favourite places on the planet and is well renowned as one of the most romantic cities on earth. Paris has some of the finest destinations for dates in which we can get to know eacher and establish an intimate connection. Here's my top list of personal favourite destinations for dates with clients.

I absolutely love wildlife and the great outdoors so I always relish a visit to one of the beautiful and scenic Parisian parks. One of my favourite destinations to visit, especially when the weather is particularly bad, is the Grandes Serres in the Jardin des Plantes, one of France’s largest and most comprehensive botanical gardens. There's a huge range of tropical plants and beautiful wildlife which is always a treat to visit.

Paris is a city named for its romantic destinations but for me there is one place that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is the island with the temple of love or as the French call it “temple romantique” which sits in the middle of the lake in Bois de Vincennes. You can get to the temple either by bridge or you can rent a small rowing boat, ( I prefer the latter). Its a truly stunning place and is the perfect place to watch the sunset and simply revel in each others company.

Finally after a day of romance and beauty we will of built up a quite an appetite. Of course you could grab a spot at a bistro or take a seat in a restaurant. However for me the best nway to end the perfect day in Paris is to grab a quiet spot on the banks of the canal Saint-Martin. This beautiful stretch of the city is lined by museums and art galleries and the fantastic Pink Flamingo Pizza. Once you’ve ordered you are given a pink balloon which is then used as a locator by the delivery man. It's a fantastic concept and it will surely be the the best and most memorable pizza deliveries you’ve ever had.

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