01 June 2016

Geneva French Market

I will always travel back to Paris when given the opportunity, if I’m looking for excellent food and quality produce then there really is no place like Paris. However now you can get a little taste of Paris without leaving Geneva. I simply adore the Geneva French market, there is a real sense of community with lots of friendly and local people and it makes for a fantastic first destination for our escort Geneva experience.

I love cooking and eating, especially when it is food that particularly wets the appetite. For this reason I will always take the opportunity to enjoy a romantic and of course delicious meal with my clients. However cooking is always the best route into someone's heart and there is something special about cooking your own romantic meal. At the geneva market you can pick up some of the finest fresh fruit and vegetables grown by local produce so you know it's only the finest organic produce.

When clients contact me for an evening in geneva I am often asked for ideas and suggestions of what we can do while in Geneva. I am a huge advocate of doing something unique and unconventional, Life can very boring which is why it is our responsibility to make it as enjoyable and as exciting as possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything adrenaline or alcohol fueled, but simply seeking contempt, enjoying the company of who you are with and creating lasting memories together. There is no better way of doing this than with food and great company. You can find both with my escort Geneva services and the french geneva market.

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