16 March 2016

My Favourite Things to do In Geneva

Following my recent announcement regarding my Geneva escort services, I have decided to write a blog looking at some of my favourite things to do in the Swiss capital. Whether you live in Geneva or are visiting the city for business or pleasure, there are always new and exciting things to see and discover. Of course if you wish to accompany me in Geneva I will be glad to let you take the lead however for those not familiar with the city. I have decided to compile a list of a few of my favourite pass times when in Geneva.

Perhaps my favourite place in the entire city and it's hardly an insider tip, it is of course lake Geneva, unquestionably one of the most beautiful and scenic lakes in Europe and that isn’t including all of the excellent activities that are situated right around the lake. The lake is incredibly beautiful and peaceful it feels good for the soul to be in its presence.I really enjoy meditating by the side of the lake and embracing the stunning mountain landscape in the backdrop.

Geneva isn’t just another alpine town that solely relies on its outstanding natural beauty, Geneva is a true international city in every respect of the word. Geneva is home to a huge number of international business headquarters as well as many global humanitarian organizations, the United nations being the most obvious and significant one. For visitors new to the city, the red cross and red crescent museum is always worth a visit, which showcases some of the major humanitarian work done over the past 150 years. But this international influence has had a huge impact on the identity of the city and created what many see as a mask, one that you have to dig through in order to get a sense of the real Geneva.

If you go shopping in Geneva prepare to return with your wallet considerably lighter. Geneva has a great range of designer shops catering to the financial elite that resident there. If I go dress shopping I will always head to the rue du Rhone to browse through the high end boutique. If you really want to spoil me take me to Bon Genie, the Harvey Nichols of Geneva and home to some outstanding evening wear.

If you would like some more ideas of things to experience with me in Geneva, have a read through these websites where you’ll find some ideas.



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