20 October 2015

MY favourite Things to do in Paris

Whether it's your first time visiting the French capital or whether you regularly visit this beautiful city, there a countless places to explore and things to see. You simply cannot get board of enjoying the beautiful architecture and wonderful street food in the company of someone you care deeply about. I absolutely love walking through Paris with my clients, it allows us to build up a relationship without even having to try, simply being in Paris on a warm day is enough to make you smile and appreciate the small things in life. Here are a few of my personal favourite things to do in the city of Paris.

There are beautiful walks to take throughout Paris, but a firm favourite of mine is definitely the coulee certee, or as it is more commonly known the promenade plantee. While you may be familiar with New York city's high line park atop of an old railway track, Paris was the first city to try this idea, and the park goes from the Vincennes railway viaduct to the 12th arrondissement right the way to Bois des Vincennes. The paths are lined with lavender and it is a truly beautiful and hypnotic place, the perfect walk on a warm afternoon.

I absolutely love picnics and my absolute favourite place for a bite to eat is Luxembourg Gardens. It is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful setting. Grab a basket and fill it with delicious French baguettes and cheeses. The perfect way to kill a few hours on a Parisian afternoon.


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