17 June 2015

Whats To Come On Eve Top Companion

Hello and a warm welcome to the Eve top companion blog, where you can keep right up to date with all the latest news and information about me and where I will be heading throughout the summer months and throughout year. I will also be offering a unique glimpse into my everyday world and what you can expect on a fantasy weekend together. Whether you live in London or Paris I am easily accessible and located in the city centre, so if you are looking for the perfect weekend getaway, I could be just what you are looking for.

London and Paris are widely heralded as two of the world's most romantic cities and that makes them perfect destinations for me to provide my services. I speak fluent French and English, and can therefore help break down the dreaded language barrier. Whether it's showing you around the best bars and restaurants or taking a romantic boat trip down the Thames or the Seine. It can be the perfect thing to reinvigorate a dull holiday.

I am generally a very confident and outgoing person, which stands me in great stead doing what I do. I think of myself as the perfect companion for any occasion, whether its enjoying a quiet romantic evening, or going out for a big night on the town I love both equally. I am also very comfortable in formal and unfamiliar situations making me the perfect companion for any important social or business event, especially if you're looking to make a great impression.

So make sure you stay tuned here on the Eve top companion blog, as its the only place to be kept right up to date with everything I am doing. To come we will also be looking at some ideas and potential places we could be experiencing together.

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