16 February 2016

Winter finally set to arive

So far in 2016 we’ve been let off very lightly in terms of weather and it has been one of the mildest winters in generations. But all that could be about to stop as London prepares for a wintery barrage. Icey cold northern winds are due to blanket the capital the snow and temperatures are set to plummet into minuses. I for one am very glad with this news as winter just isn’t the same without a bit of snow. Plus I am always here to keep you warm throughout the bitter cold winter weather.

London is magical city anyway, but on a brisk winter's day covered in a blanket in the snow there really is no other place quite like it. For many this will be a time to stay within the comfort of your homes but I absolutely love being out in snow, assuming I’m wearing appropriate attire of course. For me there is nothing more romantic, than enjoying a leisurely stroll through a frost covered London park. There is something so serene a magical about it, like a scene straight from a fairy tale.

Of course you don’t need to bare the brunt of the cold to enjoy the majestic beauty that it brings. that can easily be done from inside through a frosted window. Why not accompany me for a coffee and a croissant in a cafe overlooking the thames. Or enjoy a delicious mulled wine and warm our cockles while the snow falls around us.

if you would like to enjoy my company over the coming days and take advantage of this truly romantic time of year then contact me through the meet me page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting you.

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